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Patriots of African Descent in the Revolutionary War, Part I


"...a wonderful story, told in the age-old art of storytelling.  A good read for young and old alike, it is an outstanding easy-to-read history lesson.  Well done and nicely illustrated, too."  5 Stars.

--Readers' Favorite Book Reviews and Awards Contest, April 2016



Patriots of African Descent of the Revolutionary War, Part I, by Marion T. Lane, 978-0-9824945-4-7, Paperback, $19.95, 56 pp., February 2012, 8 1/2" x 11"

Many children do not know that African indentured servants, as well as free blacks and slaves, all assisted in the founding of our nation. There were between 5,000 to 20,000 patriots of African and Native American descent who served in the Continental Forces under the command of General George Washington. This stunning new picture book is historical fiction, told by the family historian to his great-grandson about their family's military and patriotic service as African-Americans during the Revolutionary War. The two are direct descendants of two patriots. One was a free black man, Sergeant Isaac Brown, who served in the 7th, 11th and 15th Virginia Regiments of the Continental Line. Readers ages eight and older will be fascinated as they learn about our country's forgotten patriots.

Author Marion Lane, a retired public school educator, is one of the few African American members of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) and the Society of Descendants of Washington's Army at Valley Forge. Lane is also the only African American member of The National Gavel Society, which is open to presidents of heritage societies.

Praise for Patriots of African Descent in the Revolutionary War

In this ground-breaking work, author Marion Lane weaves a compelling story in her telling of how Pop-Pop helps Jeremy understand the family history in the American Revolution. The book is written for children, but adults will also benefit from reading about the many contributions of black soldiers in the Revolutionary War. Easy to read and nicely illustrated. --Nancy K. Loane, author, Following the Drum: Women at the Valley Forge Encampment

Learning about one's own family history is fun. One of the best parts is that it makes history come alive. That is what Patriots of African Descent in the Revolutionary War does. It helps inspire children to look into their own family history while learning history in school and discovering those facts that get lost in the big picture. This is a story of one child who leaves the classroom and finds more than he bargained for at the dinner table. His great-grandfather begins to make the American Revolution come alive through the history of their African American family. Suddenly, the boy realizes that his own family was part of something big in this country. The excitement the boy feels is shared with the reader and has you wanting to research your own family tree. That is what makes this book such a great piece for children and even adults to read. It is a reminder that history is alive within our own bloodlines and not just something on the pages of a history book. In truth, this is something everyone needs to be reminded of. It's a short read that is full of information. You get a history lesson and a lesson in genealogy research. You can't beat that. The author writes it as a story to a young boy but in reality it is a story to the reader. If you thought you knew history, you discover that there is even more to learn. This one child finds out that his family helped in the American Revolution. He learns of how important the African Americans were including slaves during this war. The war becomes alive to him and makes him a part of it. This is a great book. If you have a young person in your family who likes history or might need encouragement in appreciating history, this is a great book to get them. It was a fast read for me, but I found myself going back and reading it again because there is so much historical information in there that I was not aware of. --Rebecca Graf, History Editor, BellaOnLine, The Voice of Women

Purchase Patriots of African Descent in the Revolutionary War, Part I by Marion T. Lane for $15.



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